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Wolfabilene Updates Archives for 2021-04

Here Are the Top 10 Ways People Treat Their Pets Like Their Kids


You pretty much always hear people with pets refer to those pets as their "kids."  And they back that up with how they TREAT their pets.


A new survey asked people to name the biggest ways they treat their pets like children.  And here are the top 10 answers . . .


1.  Making sure they eat a healthy diet, 54%.


2.  Sharing food with them, 54%.


3.  Making sure they get enough exercise, 53%.


4.  Spending quality time with then, 52%.


5.  Creating a social media account for them, 46%.


6.  Buying them presents for the holidays, 36%.


7.  Throwing them birthday parties, 29%.


8.  Potty training them, 28%.


9.  Buying clothes for them, 27%.


10.  Wearing matching outfits with them, 21%. 


(Yahoo News)



By: People Staff

Copyright © 2021, Yahoo News. All Rights Reserved

Four Things to Look Forward to in May


Tomorrow is a new month!  Here are some things to look forward to in May . . .


1.  A TON of sporting events are going down, including the Kentucky Derby tomorrow . . . the NBA Playoffs, which are scheduled to begin May 22nd  . . . the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs starting around May 20th . . . and the Indianapolis 500 on May 30th.


2.  On TV, there's the premiere of "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" on Disney+ and Season 2 of "Selena: The Series" on Netflix, both on May 4th . . . and the "Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World" special will air on May 8th.


There's also the "MTV Movie & TV Awards" on May 16th . . . the "Billboard Music Awards" on May 23rd . . . and the "iHeartRadio Music Awards" on May 27th.


3.  Tax Day is May 17th.  It was pushed back a month due to the pandemic.  Maybe it is or maybe it ISN'T something to "look forward to," but it should be on your calendar.


4.  And finally the holidays.  The big ones are Cinco de Mayo next Wednesday . . . Mother's Day on Sunday the 9th . . . and Memorial Day on the 31st. 


There's also Star Wars Day on May the 4th . . . National No Pants Day on the 7th . . . National Pizza Party Day on the 21st . . . National Talk Like Yoda Day also on the 21st . . . and National Wine Day on the 25th.

APD: Avoid these roads on Wednesday morning, flash flood warning in place


APD: Avoid these roads on Wednesday morning, flash flood warning in place


ABILENE, Texas — Wednesday morning's storm caused high levels of water on the roadways in Abilene.


There is an active Flash Flood warning in effect until 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday.


Abilene PD is asking that drivers avoid the following roads on Wednesday morning due to high water levels:


  • S. 27th @ Treadaway
  • Oak @ Treadaway
  • N. 10th @ Winters Fwy.
  • Yorktown @ Ambler


Police tweeted on Wednesday that several vehicles were stuck in these areas.




By: AJ Gersh

Copyright © 2021, KTXS. All Rights Reserved

Five Steps for a Digital Spring Cleaning


We've all heard about spring cleaning your house, but this might be even more necessary.  It's an easy guide for spring cleaning your DIGITAL life...


1.  Your browser.  It can store LOTS of info, like your browsing history, your favorite websites, and your passwords.  And it's good to go through it every once in a while to delete cookies and make sure everything is up-to-date.


2.  Your smartphone.  If you don't regularly clean out your phone's call logs, search history, and text messages, there can be a lot of clutter slowing down your device.


3.  Your apps.  You should scan your phone or tablet's app list a couple times a year and delete anything you're no longer using.  It could improve your device's speed and battery life, plus those old apps might be secretly collecting data on you.


4.  Old accounts you no longer use.  Instead of just abandoning old accounts you no longer use, you should go in and actually delete each one.  That way there's less of a risk to you if the company's data ever gets breached.


5.  Your photos.  We all have a million pictures clogging up our phones and computers.  It's worth it to spend some time organizing them and deleting any duplicates.  There's even a program called Remo Duplicate Photos Remover that can help you do it.


(Fox News)



By: Kim Komando

Copyright © 2021, Fox News. All Rights Reserved

A Coffee Company Will Pay $3,000 for You to Take More Breaks


If one of the skills you wish you could put on your resume is, "Really good at taking breaks" . . . this is the time you might actually want to say that.


A coffee company called Chameleon is planning to "hire" two people for $3,000 each . . . to take more coffee breaks. 


If you want a shot, you can enter on their website by May 31st.  They're going to pick two people who will get $3,000 each and 10 cases of cold brew bottles.


They say they were inspired to run the contest after they found that two-thirds of people who are working from home say they take the same number of coffee breaks or even fewer than they used to . . . even though they work longer hours. 


(PR Newswire)



By: Chameleon Organic Coffee

Copyright © 2021, PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved

Netflix Is Going to Teach You How to Get a Good Night's Sleep


A good night's sleep has been hard to come by for a lot of people over the past year.  And now Netflix . . . which probably shares some of the blame . . . is coming to the rescue.


They're teaming up with the meditation app Headspace for an animated series called "Headspace Guide to Sleep".


It'll explore, quote, "the science behind a healthy night's sleep and provide tips on how to get the best sleep you've ever had."


Each 15-minute episode explores a new topic, like insomnia, stress, whether looking at your phone in bed is really that bad, and sleeping pills.


And they end with a "guided wind-down designed to help you on your journey to better sleep."  It'll be out in two weeks.


Meanwhile, Headspace's rival app Calm teamed up with HBO Max for a show called "A World of Calm".


(Hollywood Reporter)



By: James Hibberd

Copyright © 2021, Hollywood Reporter. All Rights Reserved

Abilene Chamber of Commerce applauds airport's 'Master Plan'


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- This past Thursday, the City Council approved the airport’s Master Plan, which sets the stage for the next five, ten, and twenty years. 


“Many communities don’t leverage their airport and ours again is one stop from anywhere in the world,” said Doug Peters, Abilene Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. 


The Abilene airport while small, could be seeing come big changes over the next 10-20 years. 


“As important piece of infrastructure for our community as roads and bridges or anything else,” said Peters. 


Peters says the airport is an indicator of how well our economy is doing. 


“The more successful our airport is, the more accessible the air service is, in and out of our community, the more successful our community will be,” said Peters. 


Don Green, Transportation Services Director says the airport master plan maps out new ways for economic development and expanding our airports success. 


“It’s a very useful document for airport management,” said Green. “It looks at forecasts of what our passenger growth could be… The regional jets are getting larger, and we want to be able to fully accommodate those, we can now, but we look to the future in adding gates and seating space, and the overall flow of passengers in and out of the terminal.” 


Which in the long run, helps not only the Chamber of Commerce, but the City of Abilene as a whole. 


“They have help cast a vision that helps us to really maximize of the footprint of the airport,” said Peters. “We applaud the work of the airport, we applaud the council for supporting the ability to advance the interest, the economic interest of our community.” 


The airport staff will continue working to maximize opportunities and say in the next 10 years we can expect to see some upgrades, including another TSA lane. 



By: Marley Capper

Copyright © 2021, KTAB/KRBC Nexstar Broadcasting. All Rights Reserved

Four Things You Can Do in Under Ten Minutes to Increase Your Happiness . . . For Free


It's Friday!  If that's not a good enough reason to be excited today, here are four things you can do to feel happier.  And the best part is, they all take less than 10 minutes, and they're FREE...


1.  Message someone you know.  Reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a while.  Even if it's just to send them a funny photo or a fun memory that you had.


2.  Organize your errands.  Organize all the small errands you need to do and start checking them off.  Planning like that helps reduce procrastination so we feel less stressed out.


3.  Check your vacation day balance.  Knowing how many days you have and thinking about what you may do with them allows you to visualize ACTUALLY taking a vacation.


4.  Watch relaxing videos.  When you have a spare couple minutes, try watching some relaxing videos on the internet.  Nature videos are especially good for this. 


A recent study out of UC Berkeley found that people who watched parts of that BBC series "Planet Earth" felt an increase in joy, amusement, and curiosity.  And the videos also reduced feelings of fatigue, anger, and stress. 





By: Gili Malinsky

Copyright © 2021, CNBC. All Rights Reserved

The "Friends" Reunion Special Will Finally Film This Week


The "Friends" special we've been waiting this whole pandemic for is FINALLY shooting this week.  At least that's what "sources" are telling the "Hollywood Reporter".  HBO Max hasn't confirmed it yet.


The show was originally supposed to debut on May 27th of 2020 . . . but it kept being pushed back due to COVID-19.


There's no word yet on a new premiere date.


(Hollywood Reporter)



Rick Porter

Copyright © 2021, Hollywood Reporter. All Rights Reserved

Four Things to Look Forward to in April


Here a few things to look forward to in April . . .


1.  In sports:  Major League Baseball gets started today . . . the Final Four is this Saturday with Baylor vs. Houston, and Gonzaga vs. UCLA . . . then the championship game is Monday . . . The Masters is next weekend . . . and the NFL Draft is April 29th.


2.  Awards season wraps up this month with the Screen Actors Guild Awards this Sunday . . . the BAFTAs a week later . . . and the Academy Awards April 25th.


3.  Lots of TV is on the way this month, including some new stuff:  The "Law & Order: Organized Crime" spinoff lands tonight on NBC.  Joss Whedon's Victorian-era superhero show "The Nevers" hits HBO next weekend . . .


Jamie Foxx's new sitcom "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me" hits Netflix on the 14th . . . and season four of "The Handmaid's Tale" will finally premiere on Hulu April 28th.  (The last new episode aired August 14th, 2019.)


4.  And finally, the holidays:  The big one is Easter, which is also the last day of Passover.  But Monday is Deep Dish Pizza Day . . . National Beer Day is April 7th . . . National Pet Day is the 11th . . . Wear Pajamas to Work Day is the 16th . . . Earth Day is the 22nd . . . and Arbor Day is April 30th.

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