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I’m just a guy who likes to have fun and enjoy life. One thing you and I have in common is we have both burned our mouths on a hot pocket… Let’s build our relationship off of that and go from there! Do you like pigs feet? No? Me neither. What about swimming? That’s cool! I’m a miniature golf champ. Do you like putting? Awesome! I feel like this is going so well. My favorite color is red, favorite TV show is Saved By The Bell, favorite movie is Top Gun (just call me Maverick). I could go on and on… So just tune in Mornings from 6am-10am and follow me on social media to find out more!

Waste time? No thank you. The fact that we only get one shot at this life is something I take very seriously! YOLO is definitely my motto, and getting every bit out of my day is goal! I’m a multitasker with a strong opinion, and endless amounts of advice. Top it all off with my passion for people, love of fitness and constant cravings for hamburgers! Let’s live this wonderful crazy life together!

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