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Wolfabilene Updates Archives for 2021-01

Here's the Disproportionately Popular Super Bowl Food in Every State


This year may have way fewer Super Bowl parties than in previous years . . . but don't worry, you can still eat your way through the game.


Google just released a map showing the most disproportionately popular Super Bowl food in every state from last year's game. 


Two foods were number one in six different states:  Cake and seven-layer dip.


A few other foods were the most popular in five states:  Chili . . . buffalo chicken dip . . . and spinach artichoke dip.


Some states' disproportionately popular Super Bowl food were way more unique, though.  Louisiana's was taco soup . . . Hawaii's was the very specific chicken club ranch roll-ups . . . and Alaska's was paleo salmon cakes. 




(Here's the map with every state's disproportionately popular Super Bowl food.)



By: Alexis Morillo

Copyright © 2021, Delish. All Rights Reserved

Five Responsible Things to Do with Your $600 Stimulus Check


Hopefully you didn't blow your whole $600 stimulus check on Mega Millions tickets.  Here are some SLIGHTLY smarter ways to use that money . . .



Someone polled 6,000 people who keep a monthly budget, and asked how they're using their $600.  Here are the top five things people who stick to a budget are doing with it . .


1.  Putting it in savings, or building up an emergency fund.


2.  Paying off debt.


3.  Getting a month ahead on expenses.


4.  Paying bills.


5.  Buying groceries.


Two-thirds of people who keep a budget said they actually saved more money last year than they did in 2019.  And less spending was the reason.  The top things they saved on were travel expenses, gas, and restaurants.



(PR Newswire)



By: Haley Messner

Copyright © 2021, PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved

Here's How to Turn Your Failed New Year's Resolution Into a Habit You'll Actually Do


If you've given up on your New Year's resolution already, you're not alone.  According to a study, January 17th is the day most resolutions fail . . . and that was last weekend. 


But here are three tips on how to turn your failed New Year's resolution into a habit you'll actually stick with . . .


1.  Pick something that you WANT to do.  If you hate going to the gym, you're not going to stick with it.  So pick something you don't HATE, and you'll be much more likely to make it a habit.  Something like going for a walk outside every day.


2.  Choose something you CAN do.  Like if your goal was to eat home-cooked meals during the week, but you realized it's just not possible with your work schedule, try just cooking on the weekends.


3.  Whatever you choose, it should still be effective.  For example, if you're trying to reduce stress and you start meditating . . . but then you notice that meditation just makes you MORE aware of how stressed out you are, that's not effective.  And it's definitely not something you'll keep up long-term.





By: Sandee LaMotte

Copyright © 2021, CNN. All Rights Reserved

Garth Brooks Is Performing at Joe Biden's Inauguration


Garth Brooks will be performing as part of the swearing-in ceremonies for Joe Biden's inauguration tomorrow.  He announced it yesterday during a press conference.


Quote, "This is a great day in our household.  This is not a political statement.  This is a statement of unity.  That's pretty much it.  And . . . just excited, nervous, all the good things because this is history, and it's an honor to get to serve.


"This is how I get to serve this country.  Our father served as a U.S. Marine, and in the Korean War had brothers that served in the Air Force and Army, and this is my chance to serve." 


He joked that he "might be the only Republican at this place."


He also said, quote, "I've played for every president there is, since Carter, with the exception of Reagan.  This is an honor for me.  And it's one of the things that, if my family is around, no matter who the president-elect is, it's an honor to be asked."


Garth performed at Barack Obama's 2008 swearing-in, but couldn't be at Donald Trump's inauguration because he was in the middle of a worldwide tour. 


He wasn't sure what song he'll be doing tomorrow, but he did say we can expect a "broken down, bare-bones" performance without a band.


Quote, "My job is pretty simple.  My job is when they point to me, to get to do what I was put down here on this Earth to do and that's sing music in a celebration in an honorable day in this country where the new president takes over."


Lady Gaga will sing the National Anthem at the swearing-in ceremony, and Jennifer Lopez is also performing.


The inauguration will be capped with a primetime special hosted by Tom Hanks.  It'll feature performances from Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, and more.


(Fox NewsPeopleCMT)



Copyright © 2021, Fox News, People, CMT. All Rights Reserved

ACU joins four other universities in historic move to WAC



ABILENE, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) – Abilene Christian University expects to begin intercollegiate competition in the Western Athletic Conference in 2021, joining four other NCAA Division I institutions making a milestone move to the WAC, it was announced today in a press conference at the NRG Center.


ACU will transition from the Southland Conference – a league it co-founded in 1973 and rejoined in 2013 – along with Lamar, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin, and Big Sky Conference member Southern Utah.


All five universities have planned to join the WAC July 1, 2022. The remaining Southland members, however, exercised their ability to accelerate the exit of the ‘Texas Four” a year early. ACU, Lamar, SHSU and SFA are petitioning the WAC Board of Directors for entry July 1, 2021, instead. Southern Utah is still expected to join in 2022.


“I cannot overstate my level of excitement in making this expansion announcement,” said WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd. “The opportunity to bring five quality institutions into the conference, to significantly strengthen the WAC’s national basketball brand and other championship sport profiles, and to bring football back under the WAC umbrella is one that made sense.”


Hurd said the result could not have been accomplished without the collaboration and shared visions of the WAC’s Board of Directors and presidents of incoming institutions. “It not only stabilizes the conference for the future; it also positions it for significant growth and success,” Hurd added.


The expanded WAC will host competition for championships in two divisions. A Southwest Division will be composed of ACU, Lamar, SHSU, SFA, Tarleton State and Texas-Rio Grande Valley. A new West Division will feature California Baptist, Dixie State, Grand Canyon, New Mexico State, Seattle, Southern Utah and Utah Valley universities.


“This is a historic move for ACU. We are excited about joining a conference with the WAC’s history and visibility,” said Dr. Phil Schubert, ACU president. “The brand equity and recognition of the league remains strong and will benefit us regionally and nationally as we attract both students and student-athletes.”


Schubert cited several compelling reasons for the change, including continued emphasis on academic and athletics excellence; an expanded geographical reach into the West, especially in major U.S. markets; increased TV and tournament exposure; and automatic bids to national championships and postseason play.


“This is a tremendous opportunity for ACU to continue to grow its programs and establish itself on the national stage,” said director of athletics Allen Ward. “In addition to the positive impact on recruiting, we will realize benefits from the continued association with Texas institutions, new partnerships that pursue common Division I goals, and the strategic efficiencies of divisional play.”


The WAC currently crowns team and individual champions in 19 sports – nine men’s and 10 women’s.


The conference was founded in 1962 by Arizona, Arizona State, Brigham Young, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Many other prominent Division I universities have been members through the years, including TCU, SMU, Rice, Texas-El Paso, Tulsa, and the Air Force Academy.


WAC teams have won 32 men’s Division I national championships, including Brigham Young’s 1984 Associated Press football crown when it defeated Michigan in the BCS Holiday Bowl. Eighteen times a WAC women’s team has won a Division I national title.


Football plays a strong role in reorganizing the conference, which sent teams to three Bowl Championship Series (BCS) bowl games from 2007-10, and will have restored competition in 2022 for the first time in a decade. The WAC will compete at the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) level where all the newest members currently play.


The Texas Four have deep histories in the sport: ACU (which began playing in 1919), SHSU (1912), Lamar (1923) and SFA (1923) are familiar foes in the Lone Star State. Sam Houston has played deep into the FCS playoffs seven of the last 10 seasons, Lamar appeared in 2018, SFA in 2014, and Southern Utah has qualified three times since 2011. SFA or SHSU student-athletes have won FCS national player of the year honors three times since 2010.


ACU, which plays its 100th season in football this fall, has sent 42 Wildcats to the NFL – including College Football Hall of Fame inductee, all-pro running back and two-time Super Bowl-winning assistant coach Wilbert Montgomery – and has produced two national championships, record-setting quarterbacks and the longest field goal in history.


The new WAC promises to be a powerhouse basketball conference, having sent at least two men’s teams to the NCAA Tournament in 28 of the past 45 seasons. In women’s basketball, the conference has had at least two teams qualify for the NCAA Tournament 10 times in 28 seasons, with a record five teams in 1998.


SFA and ACU bring standout basketball programs to the WAC. The Wildcats were one of just three teams in the nation in 2019 to qualify men’s and women’s teams for the NCAA Tournament, and the Lumberjacks’ men’s team has appeared in March Madness five times since 2009. Since 2018, ACU has the 11th most combined wins (109) in Division I by its two basketball programs. Its men’s team is among national leaders in several defensive categories and currently ranked 13th in the Mid-Major Poll.


In baseball, the WAC has boasted two College World Series champions since 2003, and five others from 1965-77.


Only four universities, including Stanford, USC and UCLA, have won more national team championships than Abilene Christian. The Wildcats have 64, led by its heritage-rich track and field program, which has generated 39 Olympians, a Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, and was named Texas Sports Dynasty of the Century by Texas Monthly magazine in 1999.


“The potential for WAC basketball, the return of WAC football, and the promise for all Wildcat sports is exciting. Competition will be challenging, but I believe we are positioned well for this move,” Ward said.


“In addition to our strong, successful athletics program, Abilene Christian brings an exceptional academic reputation that has seen increased national recognition these last few years,” Schubert said. “Special things are happening here and being a part of this conference realignment just adds to the momentum for our university.”



By: Abilene Christian University

Copyright © 2021, KTAB/KRBC Nexstar Broadcasting. All Rights Reserved

Strong Sunday storm brings season snowfall total to more than twice Abilene's average


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The icy roadways and memories of a second snowfall are slowly melting away.


This time around though, instead of one day of winter weather, the Cochran siblings got two.


“I just couldn’t believe that it kept snowing,” said Abilene resident Amy Cochran. “I just kept looking out expecting it to be done and it just kept snowing.”


Cochran grew up in Abilene and she says she’s never seen anything quite like this.


“There was one Easter that I remember in like, April, and we got a ton of snow and it was like, the most bizarre thing,” said Cochran.


According to the National Weather Service, Abilene typically gets around 3.4 inches of snow during the entire winter season.


Sunday’s snowfall, along with the winter storm early this year and late last year have brought the number up to 8.7 inches.


“We’re already way above for snowfall,” said Meteorologist Hector Guerrero, with the National Weather Service.


Guerrero says the early snowfall in October may have contributed to the increase.


“You know, it could snow here in West Texas anywhere around November. Of course this year’s been a little bit different ’cause it actually snowed right before Halloween, so we’ve already had three snows this year,” said Guerrero.


He says the additional snowfall is also unlikely during our current El Niña season, but it has helped the drought situation.


“You guys in Abilene have measured about 2.58 inches, and the average is about 3.61 inches,” said Guerrero.


The clouds are gone and the kiddos won’t be out for much longer, but don’t be surprised if these memories fall on the Key City again well into the spring.



By: Jessica Ranck

Copyright © 2021, KTAB/KRBC Nexstar Broadcasting. All Rights Reserved

Four Tips to Have a Happier and More Positive Year


Last year was a difficult year for just about everyone.  And if you've made it your mission to have a better 2021, here are four tips to have a happier and more positive year . . .


1.  Start as soon as you wake up each day.  Scientists have found that your subconscious may be most active right when you wake up.  So training yourself to think more positively in the morning can set you up for a better day overall. 


Something as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, "It's going to be a great day" can have a big effect.


2.  Drown out the negative thoughts.  People have a tendency to put more weight on negative experiences.  One study found that we need at least FIVE times as many positive experiences to counteract one negative one.


3.  Focus on finding more positivity.  Fill your day with as many positive thoughts as possible, whether that's bookmarking sites with funny videos, seeking out encouraging stories, or reading uplifting quotes.


4.  Hang with people who make you happy.  Positivity and negativity can be contagious.  If you spend your days hanging around with someone who always sees the worst in a situation, you're more likely to get caught up in it too.


So think about the people you spend the most time with . . . and which ones lift you up and make you laugh.  That doesn't mean you need to cut out anyone who's negative, but just keep it in mind so you don't get sucked in. 





By: William Arruda

Copyright © 2021, Forbes. All Rights Reserved

Abilene's top things to look forward to in 2021



2021 is finally here and with it comes a myriad of exciting events and endeavors for Abilene. Despite being in a global pandemic, there is still a lot to look forward to. Check out some of what’s to come this year:


COVID-19 vaccine available to the public 


Already, thousands of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed to frontline workers. As more doses are received, the general public will be able to receive the vaccine in 2021. With more people getting the vaccine, health officials signal this could be the end of the pandemic.




Sadly 2020 was not a great year for hardly anyone. As the COVID-19 vaccination becomes more widely available, recovery is now in view. With more stimulus money and more PPP loans, businesses and people will hopefully be able to stay afloat.


Events return to Abilene

Despite many of the Key City’s signature events being canceled in 2020, organizations are putting their best feet forward to host 2021 events. This includes the 51st Annual West Texas REHAB Telethon, Outlaws and Legends, the CALF (Children’s Art and Literacy Festival,) among others.


51st Annual West Texas REHAB Telethon:

Rehab 2021 Telethon & Auction


WTRC is a non-profit outpatient organization offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy for both adult and pediatric patients, along with hearing and balance, orthotics and prosthetics, Hospice, Pacesetters, family support services, and employer services.


The 51st Annual Telethon & Auction will be live at the Abilene Convention Center or by tuning in virtually through a live stream of the evening events.


WHEN: Jan 23, 2021, from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am
For more information click here.


Outlaws and Legends


The rescheduled 10th Annual Outlaws & Legends Music Fest, benefiting Ben Richey Boys Ranch, returns to the Back Porch of Texas. Outlaws & Legends. Featuring the biggest line-up including: Willie Nelson, Randy Houser, Kevin Fowler, Deana Carter, Lee Roy Parnell, Charley Crockett, The Great Divide, Cooder Graw, Jamie Richards, Mike & The Moonpies.


***All tickets, passes and packages purchased for the 2020 event will be honored at the rescheduled 10th Anniversary Festival.


WHEN: March 19-20, 2021.


For more information click here.


Children’s Art and Literacy Festival


The 9th annual Children’s Art & Literacy Festival celebrating the summer artist on display at the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature is a two and a half day event where books come to life.


Enjoy fun activities at nearly 20 venues in downtown Abilene as we celebrate the books and characters of Loren Long. Registration opens in February at


WHEN: Thursday, June 10, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Continued growth of the SoDA District



The area South of Downtown Abilene, now affectionately dubbed the SoDA District, continues to experience extraordinary growth. Entrepreneurs have taken this seemingly forgotten section of town and made it a hub for unique spaces and hangouts. Despite 2020 being 2020, the SoDA District saw much growth and development, including the opening of new entertainment venues, bars, homes, and more. 2021 is expected to see even more growth with more development planned.


Continued growth of Downtown Abilene


Downtown Abilene continues to grow, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. New businesses continue to make strides to open, especially in the name of entertainment and retail. There is also hope for the construction of the Downtown Convention Center Hotel.


Park improvements


Both Stevenson and Sears park advocates have been pleading over the past year for improvements for our backyard playgrounds and leaders are now taking notice. City Manager Robert Hanna says with more people going outside to socially distance, parks have moved up on the list of repairs.


Road improvements


Streets are taking a front-page priority for the calendar year, too. More money being built up in the city’s Street Maintenance Fee account means more streets will soon be able to be repaired. Click here for the plans for 2021.


Continued growth at Taylor County Expo Center


The Taylor County Expo Center has been in a renovation period for a few years, with the opening of the new Guitar Arena, Taylor Telecom Area, and First Financial Pavilion. 2021 will see the completion of Phase 3 with a newly remodeled Coliseum.


Work continues to bring the B-21 to Dyess AFB



Work continues to bring the much anticipated B-21 Raider to Dyess Air Force Base. Specific details regarding the base’s allotment and more are still being worked out. Abilene’s community support for Dyess is second to none and this new mission promises life to Dyess for decades to come.




By: Travis Ruiz, Martin Mercado

Copyright © 2021, KTAB/KRBC Nexstar Broadcasting. All Rights Reserved

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