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You can eat ice cream guilt-free as a kid.  But even as adults, we're not slowing down much. The average Americans plan to eat 39 scoops of it this summer.


A new poll found 1 in 5 adults still have an emotional response when they hear an ice cream truck . . . and our favorite flavors are chocolate, cookies-and-cream, and vanilla.


39% of people also said some of their favorite childhood memories involve ice cream.  Here are our ten favorite memories from childhood...


1.  Playing with friends.

2.  Spending time with family.

3.  Watching cartoons.

4.  Eating ice cream.

5.  A childhood pet.

6.  Going to the beach.

7.  Going to an amusement park.

8.  Going to regular parks.

9.  Birthday parties.

10.  Playing board games. 





By: SWNS Staff

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