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Pizza Hut has been trying to take advantage of our '90s nostalgia with a marketing campaign called "NEWstalgia"... celebrating things like Book It pins and those tabletop Pac-Man games they had.  Here's their newest reboot...


Pizza Hut just announced they're bringing back a thin-crust pizza called "The Edge" that originally debuted in 1997.


The big selling point was that all the toppings went the whole way to the edge of the pie, so no crust.  Which might not seem like a huge innovation now... but it was apparently INSANE in the late '90s.


The pizza is made with their Thin 'N Crispy crust, which is the first type of dough they used at Pizza Hut in the 1950s.


They also brought The Edge back for a limited time in 2009, but it's been gone for over a decade.  And they say this one's a limited-time thing too. 


I guess they're not that nostalgic about PRICE though. The original Edge pizza debuted for $8.99, and the reboot costs $12.99.  (That's actually slightly cheaper if you adjust for inflation though.  Here's a photo.)


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