Wolfabilene Updates


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – From the classroom to owning a boutique. Giving back to the community is a priority for local entrepreneur Addie Helms who uses her boutique to give artists a place to display their work.


Helms grew up in Abilene and after years of teaching, she knew she wanted to continue giving back to the community that she loves.


Addie’s boutique may look like your typical store, but her retail space doubles as an art gallery– featuring local female artists who aspire for the kind of success she once strived for.


“I carry a handful of local artists and they’re all woman, so some of them paint, some of them make cards, some of them dye fabrics, some of them do jewelry, and some of them make journals and that kind of thing so that has been a positive thing that I’ve been able to sort of help local woman promote their own businesses, that’s been a great thing,” said Addie Helms, Addie’s business owner.


Every morning new artwork is promoted through a Facebook page and is available for sale.


Helms believes having the artist’s work on the walls gives them exposure to not only a different group of people but even adds to the ambiance of the store.



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