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You pretty much always hear people with pets refer to those pets as their "kids."  And they back that up with how they TREAT their pets.


A new survey asked people to name the biggest ways they treat their pets like children.  And here are the top 10 answers . . .


1.  Making sure they eat a healthy diet, 54%.


2.  Sharing food with them, 54%.


3.  Making sure they get enough exercise, 53%.


4.  Spending quality time with then, 52%.


5.  Creating a social media account for them, 46%.


6.  Buying them presents for the holidays, 36%.


7.  Throwing them birthday parties, 29%.


8.  Potty training them, 28%.


9.  Buying clothes for them, 27%.


10.  Wearing matching outfits with them, 21%. 


(Yahoo News)



By: People Staff

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