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Good news:  If you're single and can't stand Valentine's Day, it's probably going to be a lot more muted this year.  And more good news:  You have plenty of time to RELOCATE so you're not single for next year's Valentine's Day.


The website WalletHub just ranked all 50 states from the best place for single people to the worst.


The rankings are based on 27 factors including the percentage of single adults, the gender ratio, online dating opportunities, drink prices, restaurants per capita, affordability, online dating safety, and how few Covid restrictions they have.


Based on all that, the top 10 states for single people are: Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Illinois, California, Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri.


And the 10 worst are:  New Mexico, West Virginia, North Dakota, Hawaii, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Wyoming, Alaska, and Mississippi. 





(Check out the full list ranking all 50 states.)



By: Adam McCann

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