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National Women's Small Business Month: 22-year-old Clyde native opens salon and boutique


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Clyde native is making an impact during National Women’s Small Business Month.


Delaney Valenzuela, owner of Marg and Cloie, has been trying to lease a new location for her salon and boutique, but says she hasn’t had the best luck.


“They were like, ‘How old are you?’ and I’d tell them how old I am and they were like, ‘yeah…no,'” she says.


But that wasn’t the only time Valenzuela faced obstacles getting a lease as a young businesswoman.


“Probably 6 months ago I reached out to a guy and he was like, ‘Yeah, let’s meet up here,’ and then he never showed up. I think it’s because how young I am,” she says.


After high school, Valenzuela began working at salons to build clientele and earn some money. During this time, she also started a side job to cover the bills before beginning her online boutique at just 19 years old.


The online boutique helped financially support her and her husband while he made his way through college.


With all the hard work, long hours and sacrifices, she was able to pay in cash for a spot for her salon and boutique.


“I do have a good support system, definitely. I don’t think I could do it without my support system,” she says.


But it’s not just her husband and parents who supported her during these hard times, it was also her friend, Lauren Alaniz, that she made along the way.


“So, I’ve kind of watched her grow through her own salon and through the store opening,” Alaniz, the photographer for the boutique says. “We’re young and we don’t have anything to lose yet.”


The storefront boutique opened in March before the pandemic struck, but with their youthful attitude, they went back to their roots and have counted on their online boutique to support their brick-and-mortar shop.



By: Monica Diaz-Meek

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