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Big Country firefighters return from battling California wildfires


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Some Big Country firefighters have returned from helping battle wildfires that raged across California.


Anson and Merkel Volunteer Firefighter Seth Morris shot video of the burning trees, capturing the sounds echoing throughout the forest while planes sprayed fire retardant to stop the flames.


Morris captured the scenes from behind the fire line as he battled the California fires for 2 weeks alongside 100 other men in his group.


“I was pretty nervous, but excited at the same time,” Morris says.


Morris is also a resource specialist for Texas A&M Forest Service, and says he appreciates the experience.


“It’s a big opportunity coming from Texas to another state to help fight fires, and it was pretty nerve-racking because you see on the news how bad the fires are, but it was a real good experience,” Morris says.


Assistant Chief Nick Dawson says the experience allows his team to learn more.


“Them getting to go out of state, especially out west, and seeing that whole new aspect of wild land, firefighting is great not only for us, but for them,” Dawson says.


“The fires are different out there, they burn different then what they do here in Texas, so it was a learning curve at first,” Morris says.


It also allows the firefighters to bring back new skills to the Big Country.


“The training these guys get, the opportunities, the things they’re getting to see out of state will only build this team and build themselves better than what they could maybe staying in the same field types and same area their whole career,” Dawson says.


In the midst of learning, these Big Country firefighters are thankful to give back to those who have helped them before.



By: Monica Diaz-Meek

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