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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Right now Alyssa Hartley’s house looks a bit like a flower shop, with dozens of roses on the table and scissors in her hand.


This year however, these flowers won’t be going to her valentine, but instead to those whose mailboxes might be a little empty.


“Any chance I can give to others, I want to be able to help out with,” said Hartley. “We’ve delivered to Wisteria Place on Saturday and Sunday, and then Mesa Springs.”


KTAB/KRBC tagged along with Hartley on her next stop, Adaptive Recreation Services, where we met John Lewis.


“I loved it, I thought it was very nice,” Lewis said after receiving a rose. “The rose is my favorite flower.”


Whether or not it was a favorite of others, the gesture definitely put smiles on faces and showed those at the center that people care.


“If someone were to reach out to me when I wasn’t feeling very loved, or I felt like an outcast, or just no one seemed to care and if someone just did something so subtle like giving a flower, that would mean the world,” said Hartley. “If I can for somebody else, just to make their day, just to have them genuinely smile just for a split second, that would make me happy.”


It’s not just the happiness it brings to others, but to herself that keeps these flowers in bloom.


“I question if it’s a bigger blessing to me than it is for the people that I give it to,” said Hartley.


Hartley will be delivering nearly 500 flowers to different community members throughout the week and says she hopes next year will be bigger and better.



By: Jessica Ranck

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