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Affleck and Lopez in 2003 -- Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Low-rise jeans are making a comeback, but could another popular item from the 2000s -- Bennifer?

Just days after they got gossipers buzzing when they met up at last Sunday's Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World in Los Angeles, comes news that famously former couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez traveled to Montana together for a party. 

This news comes, of course, on the heels of Lopez' split from Alex Rodriguez.

An insider tells Page Six of Ben and J. Lo, "They are friends … they've never not been," evidenced by reports Ben reportedly visited Jen's L.A. mansion three times since she returned from the Dominican Republic where she was filming Shotgun Wedding with Josh Duhamel.

Ben and Jen met in July 2002 on the set of Gigli, but their subsequent relationship became the most lasting legacy of that box office bomb: the pair saw their names combined into Bennifer, and even saw Affleck give Lopez a 6.1-carat engagement ring in 2003.

They nearly made it to their 2003 wedding, which was postponed, and then the pair ultimately split in January of 2004. 

The couple went their separate ways: Lopez married singer Marc Anthony in 2004; Ben married Jennifer Garner in 2005. Both respective marriages ended after 10 years.

Lopez later referred to breaking up with Ben her "first big heartbreak."

Whether the pair are rekindling things remains to be seen. One thing's fairly certain: they're not meeting about Gigli 2.

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Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" - Paramount Pictures

Sure, he jumps a motorcycle off a cliff and then parachutes to safety, but the biggest stunt Tom Cruise pulled off was getting Mission: Impossible 7 and before cameras at all.

To the U.K. movie magazine Empire, the actor and producer detailed his own impossible mission: filming the two movies concurrently, despite COVID-19.  

While Cruise famously blasted crew members in that viral recording, the article shows the odds he was up against.

"All my friends in the industry...were like, 'What are we going to do? I could lose my house!'" Cruise shared.

"So I told the studio and I told the industry, 'We’re going to get everyone back to work...And we're going to figure out how to do it safely.'"

Tom details the strict COVID-19 safety protocols they designed for the films -- and which were adopted by many other productions even as the pandemic continued.

Cruise said he personally lobbied the governments of Abu Dhabi, Italy, and Norway to show them how production could occur safely. 

Sure enough, it did, with recurring Mission director Christopher McQuarrie at the helm. "[F]or the whole crew to know that we’d started rolling on a movie was just a huge relief," Tom admitted. "It was very emotional, I gotta tell you."

And as for that motorcycle stunt? He called it the most dangerous in his career. "If the wind was too strong, it would blow me off the ramp. The [filming] helicopter was a problem, because I didn't want to be hammering down that ramp at top speed and get hit by a stone...I had about six seconds once I departed the ramp to pull the chute and I don't want to get tangled in the bike..."

The seventh Mission: Impossible film hits theaters May 27, 2022.

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Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Mindy Kaling is one busy mama. Not only is she a mother of two -- she welcomed her son, Spencer, in September 2020 and her daughter, Katherine, in 2017 -- she's working on a slew of highly anticipated projects including Legally Blonde 3 and Season 2 of Netflix's Never Have I Ever. While the latter will hit the streaming service this summer, fans will have to wait a little longer if they want to see the actress on screen. 

Speaking with ABC Audio as the new face of Propel Immune Support, the brand's latest addition to its lineup of fitness waters, she revealed, "I think in a couple months I'll be excited to come on camera in a real way."

Kaling, 41, added that while she does enjoy doing guest spots on shows like the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, "I think my own kind of thing...maybe next year, I'd be excited to kind of get back out there."

In the meantime, The Office alum is enjoying being home with her children. Ahead of Mother's Day, she told ABC Audio she was looking forward to some adorable artwork from her toddler as a gift, but admitted she'll also spoil herself.

"I'm just decided that I'm going to just buy myself something I really want and... I'm going to be my own cheerleader for this holiday. I'm going to be like 'Kids, we're going out to brunch because it's time to celebrate me,'" Kaling laughed.

"And I think I just have to be the person that is like my own husband here and do that," she shared. "And I'm kind of okay with it now, I'm 41. I've been around long enough so that's what I'm gonna do this year."

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Amanda Edwards/WireImage

The Handmaid's Tale star Samira Wiley ended her Mother's Day on a high note -- she shared the delightful news that she and wife wife Lauren Morelli are moms!  The actress announced early Monday that the two secretly welcomed their firstborn a few weeks ago.

"Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife, who four weeks ago today after laboring for almost 3 days gave birth to our first child," gushed Wiley, 34, while sharing a sweet snap of their newborn holding onto both her mothers' fingers. "Our gorgeous daughter, George."

The Emmy nominee continued, "Welcome to the world, babygirl. We love you and we thank you for giving us the best 1st Mother’s Day two ladies could ask for."

Wiley then listed off her little one's birthday, revealing that George Elizabeth came into the world on "4.11.2021."

Morelli, a screenwriter who met and fell in love with her future wife on the set of Orange Is the New Black, also celebrated her little one's arrival in a separate Instagram announcement on Monday.

 "4 weeks ago today, our daughter came into the world and changed everything," she wrote. "We are so happy, so grateful, and so tired. George Elizabeth, 4.11.21."

Wiley and Morelli wed in 2017.

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Dan Levy found himself dispelling a rumor claiming that his father Eugene Levy had died.

The report popped up over the weekend when a supposed fan of their hit comedy Schitt's Creek wrote in a since-deleted tweet, "Eugene Levy was such a gift.  It’s so sad to watch knowing he is no longer here."

The three-time Emmy winner personally reacted to the gossip by shutting it down with a succinct, "News to me." 

The supposed fan is now apologizing for sparking the fake news and explained that she somehow thought the 74-year-old actor had died.

"I stupidly thought Eugene Levy had passed away last year," the Twitter user explained. "I am watching Schitt’s Creek for the first time, & was super sad because Eugene is such a gift. I deleted the original tweet because I was mortified & also didn’t want anyone to think it was true now that I know he’s ok."

She also added in a followup tweet, "Everything has been such a blur the last year. I’m happy to know he’s fine. I’m so embarrassed."

Levy, 37, has yet to respond to the apology.

Dan and Eugene Levy's last major public appearance was during the April 4 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where their comedy collected two of the five trophies of which it was nominated.  

Schitt's Creek took home the awards for Best Female Actor and Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series.


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Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for the sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The footage shows Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock getting along with his new "roommate" -- the tar-colored alien parasite that lives inside him, and can envelop him completely, giving him massive power. 

While Eddie gets his day started, his "partner" cooks a messy, massive breakfast for the both of them. Venom's tentacles are busy both prepping food and turning up the classic song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" for it to sing along to.

Brock's "secret" is apparently welcomed by the deli owner they saved in the original: they both warmly greet her as Eddie goes about his day. 

The trailer mimics the black comedy tone of the original Marvel comic, and builds on the 2018 original, which made more than $856 million worldwide.

But, as a mid-credits scene in the first film teased, there's a new menace growing. Woody Harrelson's death row inmate Cletus Kasady has been following Eddie's career as a journalist and an avenging superhero, Hannibal Lecter-style.

However, when Kasady faces his death by lethal injection, let's say it doesn't go as planned. His own alien parasite, called Carnage, is unleashed, setting up a face-off between it and Eddie's own creature.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage will hit theaters September 24.

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After spending nearly 80 years lauding television shows and films, the Golden Globes might have taken its last bow after a scandal exposed a lack of diversity among its voting base.

In March, a New York Times exposé found that, among the 87 Los Angeles-based journalists tasked to vote on each years' Globe winners for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, not a single member was Black.

Following the controversy, the HFPA announced "transformational change" to be more inclusive, saying in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, "As a demonstration of our commitment, the board has unanimously approved a plan to increase membership to a minimum of 100 members this year, with a requirement that at least 13 percent of the membership be Black journalists."

Despite that, Black creators panned the HFPA's response, such as Shonda Rhimes who claimed the organization "rejected requests to hold press conferences for major projects with Black-led casts in recent years," yet wanted them to present, adding, "This is why HFPA's house is on fire. They lit the flame w/their own ignorance."

Now, major streamers such as Netflix and Amazon are threatening to sever ties with the organization should it not expedite its reforms, reports Variety.

In addition, A-listers such as Mark Ruffalo are demanding HFPA enact these changes before the 2022 Globes season. 

Furthermore, Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson spoke with Variety and called out the alleged sexual harassment that happens under the HPFA umbrella, such as promoting disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein along with the "sexist questions and remarks" she endured at their conferences.

"I believe it is time that we take a step back from the HFPA and focus on the importance and strength of unity within our unions and the industry as a whole," she said.

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As previously reported, Gwyneth Patrow says she went "off the rails" with pasta and booze, and gained 14 pounds during the pandemic -- but thanks to a chat with the British tabloid The Mirror, we now know her drink of choice: whiskey. 

And because this is the GOOP boss we're talking about, of course it was whiskey made from quinoa. 

"I was drinking seven nights a week and making pasta and eating bread. I went totally off the rails," she confessed.

"I mean, who drinks multiple drinks seven nights a week? Like, that's not healthy. I love whiskey and I make this fantastic drink called the Buster Paltrow, which I named after my grandfather who loved whiskey sours."

Paltrow said of the poison she picked, "It's this great quinoa whiskey from this distillery in Tennessee [mixed] with maple syrup and lemon juice. It’s just heaven. I would have two of those every night of quarantine."

The Oscar winner noted she didn't get "like, black-out" drunk, but she said her quarantine nightly ritual did make her crave something else that isn't healthy: cigarettes. 

"I miss it," the health and wellness entrepreneur -- and former smoker -- confessed.

Paltrow was a heavy smoker in her teens, but when she found out she was pregnant with daughter Apple in 2004, she quit. However, in 2013 -- pre-Goop -- she admitted she couldn't kick the habit completely, and allowed herself one cigarette a week. 

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Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Wrath of Man, the Guy Ritchie heist thriller starring Jason Stratham, topped the weekend box office with an estimated $8.1 million, signaling a slow start to what is typically considered the kickoff to the summer movie season. Overseas, the film has collected $17.6 million to date.

Last week's number one film, Demon Slayer, slipped to second place in its third week of release, delivering an estimated $3 million.  Its stateside total now stands at $39 million, with a worldwide total of $435 million.

The video game adaptation Mortal Kombat landed at number three with an estimated $2.3 million.  The movie, also available on HBO Max for no extra cost to subscribers, has pulled in $37.8 million domestically and $72 million worldwide.

Grabbing fourth place was Godzilla vs. Kong, earning an estimated $1.9 million.  The fourth installment in the Legendary Entertainment's monster universe has amassed $422 million worldwide, surpassing revenues for its predecessor, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which topped out at $386 million.

Rounding out the top five was Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon, which added an estimated $1.8 million.  That brings its domestic total to $43.8 million.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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NBC/Will Heath

Tesla CEO and SpaceX pioneer Elon Musk made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, delivering a wide-ranging monologue in which he revealed being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, his controversial Twitter posts and vision for the future.

“I’m actually…the first person with Asperger’s to host SNL -- or at least the first to admit it,” he declared in his monologue's opening remarks.

In reality, that honor belongs to former SNL cast member Dan Aykroyd, who hosted the show back in 2003 and he has admitted that he was diagnosed with mild Asperger’s Syndrome.

Musk went on to lay out his vision for the future, stating, “I believe in a renewable energy future. I believe that humanity must become a multi-planetary, space-bearing civilization."

“Now, I think if I just posted that on Twitter, I’d be fine. But I also write things like, ’69 days after 4/20 again,'” he joked.

The billionaire, known for his controversial tweets, including slamming COVID-19 pandemic as "dumb," and predicting there would be “close to zero new cases” by the end of April 2020, answered his critics by explaining, “I know I sometimes say or post strange things, but that’s just how my brain works.”

“To anyone I’ve offended, I just want to say, I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship. Did you think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?” he added.

Musk also addressed his son's unusual name, X Æ A-Xii, joking, “It’s pronounced 'cat running across keyboard'”

Musk's SNL debut, live streamed globally via YouTube -- a first the Saturday night staple -- brought the show its third-highest ratings of the season.

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ABC/ABC Lou Rocco

Mother's Day was Sunday and celebs took to social media to honor those special moms in their life or celebrate being mothers themselves.

Here's how your favorite celebrities marked the holiday:

Uzo Aduba: "Her smile. Her JOY. The light of my life. I love you, Mommy. #MothersDay"

Ben Affleck, to Jennifer Garner: "So happy to share these kids with you. Luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the good you do. Happy Mother's Day. Love, their Dad."

Dennie Allen: "3 Generations of Mothers"

Awkwafina: "Hey mom, Here’s you next to one of your paintings. I grew up with them hanging on every wall. When I was little I would hold your brushes, and it made me feel closer to you.
When I look at your paintings, it teaches me things I never got to know about you. How you saw the world - how you captured the brutality, joy, sorrow and chaos of the human experience. I see that your art comes from a place of depth, perhaps even conflict. And I wish you were here to tell me about what they meant.
So I’m thinking of you on this eve before Mother’s Day.
And wishing everyone mom a Happy Mother’s Day."

Elizabeth Banks: "My mom rocked this Brooklyn Gen Z haircut and then rocked raising four kids and wins all the awards for momming today and every day. I love you mom."

Drew Barrymore: "And the fact that I get to be a mom too now... well its the most important thing I have ever done or will ever have the privilege of doing with my life. My Olive and my Frankie. I love you bigger than the universe."

Jessica Biel: "Three mamas. Endlessly thankful to my beautiful mom and grandma for paving the way and teaching me how to be a mother myself. Celebrating these women every day."

Orlando Bloom to Katy Perry: "Got myself a real catch. Sending love and respect to all the amazing people who have shaped our lives, supported us and loved us unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day."

Tom Brady to Giselle: "Happy Mother’s Day @gisele. You love us and support us like no other. Have a special day!"

Priyanka Chopra: "“I do what I want, where I want, when I want.... if my mom says it’s ok. “- unknown
Today we celebrate motherhood.
The beginning of all life. Here’s to all the mothers all around us that boundlessly create, nurture and love. Please know you are appreciated and seen. I’m so blessed to look up to two incredible women who lead by example everyday. Love you
Happy Mother's Day to everyone"

Laverne Cox: "Been thinking a lot about privilege lately. What a privilege it was to have a mother who was a teacher, who obsessively corrected my grammar and instilled in me the value of learning. I'm still learning. What a privilege it was that my mother supported me taking dance classes even though many told her not to. What a privilege that my mother talk me through example the value of hard work! What a privilege it was that she taught me through example the importance of having a strong moral center! Thank you mother. #HappyMothersDay"

Jamie Lee Curtis: "Mothering. It's an action word. It's a reaction word. It's a state of grace and powerlessness. Most of us do it without any training. Most of us f*^k it up as many times as we succeed in being there in the moment of need. Many of us miss the cues. I honor my own mother, my children who have given my life purpose and I honor ALL who mothered me and who mother others, gender not required. Kindness. Compassion. Care. Unconditional Love."

Viola Davis: "My love. My mommy. The sacrificer. The giver of her love, time, peace, How could I not celebrate you on this day and everyday. I am because of you. Love you mama!! Happy Mother's Day!"

Laura Dern: "Happy Mother’s Day to my fiery, passionate artist mama! I am so grateful to you for your love and, man oh man...for getting me here. You are my hero!"

Ryan Dorsey, honoring Naya Rivera: "We can’t say the word happy but we’ll say thank you for being a mother & giving me this sweet amazing boy."

Jennifer Garner: " woke up teary today, aware that I am in the sweet spot: my children—healthy, funny, sweet. My mom and sisters, niece and nephews, beloved girlfriends, bonus children, bonus moms from my own childhood—healthy, funny, sweet. Please God, let me see past the dishes, the end of school year crush, the pressure for today to mean more than any other, and help me glory in every single banal (wonderful) moment like the one that started me awake today. More of the same, over and over, please. And thank you.

I wish I could wrap my arms around everyone for whom today is something to bear. I hope the world is mothering you as you need to be cared for today."

Sarah Michelle Gellar: "To the two that made me a mother, and will forever call me mommy. On this my first Mother’s Day not with you, there is a part of my heart in pain, but the larger part is overflowing with love and gratitude. I am a better person for knowing and loving you. Luckily for me everyday with you is Mother’s Day."

Henry Golding: "We've both grown tremendously the past few years. Changed professions, moved countries and travelled the world together. But nothing has been so transformative, then when @livlogolding became a mother. She has been a natural and completely submitted to loving our daughter and putting her before anything else. A mother's sacrifice that we all know, yet only a woman can understand. All we can be is in awe of these powerful beings around the world.
Happy first mother's day lover"

Clark Gregg: "Happy Mother’s Day to this incredible woman. Not sure how you raised all of us and found time to finish school and become a nurse, but you did and I’m so proud to be your kid."

Gigi Hadid: "The rumors are true: my best friend, purpose, muse, greatest pride & joy! I feel so lucky and inspired bein your mama, my Khai !! An old soul full of sunshine, you light up everyone’s days! Thank you  thank you  thank you"

Neil Patrick Harris: "Happy Mother’s Day to my gorgeous and amazing mom, @sheilascottharris. Thank you for, well, everything. Love you. #mothersday"

Chris Hemsworth to Elsa Pataky: "Happy Mother’s Day to all the brilliant, hardworking, kid carrying, bar raising, husband-putting-up-with-ing woman out there!! We salute you."

Taraji P. Henson: "HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms AND mother figures out there!! We really do it ALL! And if this day is hard on you for whatever reason, I just want you to know you’re not alone and I see you."

Katie Holmes: "I am so grateful to be a mom to the sweetest daughter. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms!!!!"

Vanessa Hudgens: "appy Mother’s Day to the cutest and wildest mom I know @mamagh  and @stellahudgens happy Mother’s Day to you too (u pup mom) Love you ladies"

Kate Hudson: "I do it all for my kids and their future And I am lucky to have had the foundation of that inspired by my own mother @goldiehawn To Moms everywhere HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. And always know, if it feels like hard work it’s definitely GOOD work! Cause raising the next generation should never be easy. Love to all."

Bindi Irwin: "Celebrating my first Mother’s Day. This day embodies the extraordinary gift of family. Thank you to ‘The Monkey Brush’ for bringing my family and Chandler’s together in these stunning works of art. I wish we could all be together but sometimes life has other plans. To my beautiful daughter, always know that you are loved beyond description."

Dwayne Johnson: "In honor of Mother’s Day here’s my sweet/evil  mom @atajohnson pushing our fully clothed family friend in the pool 
Disregard my evil, approving laugh 
Happy Mamas Day to ALL the amazing moms out there - we love you!
And to my mom who, despite her wicked ways, is truly the NICEST and most LOVING woman in the world.
Just don’t cross her, as she’ll lay the smack down on all your candy a**es."

Mindy Kaling: "Sometimes being a mom is just agreeing to watch Cars again with your daughter (who knows that Lightning McQueen makes it to the Piston Cup at the end but still can’t handle the anticipation), and somehow it’s more fun than anything else you could be doing. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!"ally loved."

Khloe Kardashian to mom Kris Jenner: "Happy Mother’s Day to my Queen! You are my heartbeat!!! Without you we are nothing! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for each and everyone of us. You are love in human form. I will never be able to express how much we all love, adore and cherish everything about you But I will try every single day. I love you queen mommy."

Nicole Kidman: "I was sent this from my daughters’ school and it says it all...
To all our women out there – to our mums, our grandmothers, our sisters, our daughters, our aunts, our girlfriends – I am so deeply grateful to the women who raise other women, who laugh, and love, and grieve, and befriend, and care, and never, ever, ever give up.
Happy #MothersDay, and particularly to my Mumma xxx"

Amanda Kloots: "I was looking through photos for a Mother’s Day picture. I found this one and for the first time saw this picture in a new way... mind blown, more full circle moments yet again this week. He’s 2” away  then and now. Being a mother is the best gift I could have ever been given."

Brie Larson: "Some things never change. Happy Mother's Day, mom."

Eva Longoria: "Happy Mother’s Day to all those bad ass moms who are getting it done, day in and day out. I see you, I applaud you and I lift you up today and everyday! And to the baddest of them all, my mama! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for choosing you as my mama! And to my sweet Santi, I’m so honored to be your mama and learn from you everyday! I love you papa!"

Farrah Mackenzie: "happy mother's day to this phenomenal woman! my carpool karaoke buddy, my fellow harry styles/ louis tomlinson obsessor, i love you so so much @angela.little.mackenzie"

Bette Midler: "Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there! #mothersday"

Mandy Moore: "I am ever so grateful to have joined the magical club of motherhood. It’s the privilege of my life to be your mom, Goosey. The past 11 weeks have unlocked a love so immediate-one I never knew possible. Sending love to all the mothers and mother figures in our lives and holding space for those who find this day a challenge (those who are on a journey to be mothers, have lost a child or their own mother, have a complicated relationship with their mom, etc...)"

Lupita Nyong'o: "MY MOTHER'S VALUES...
My mother taught me to be polite but never meek,
To listen before I speak.
She taught me to dress to express,
To say I don’t know if I can't guess.
She taught me to always do my best.
If I fail, I should think of what's next,
Ask questions, read texts.
I learned to make time for the people I love
And take time to myself to stay involved;
To love the skin I'm in;
To know the difference between a mistake and a sin;
To shower,
(every day!)
To hold onto my power,
(no matter what people say!)
To laugh with an open heart,
To give from the start,
To hold onto friends no matter where they might live,
And pass them on to my kids,
To let go of the ones who have nothing more to give,
And still cherish what they did;
To say "well done" and "thank you" and "sorry" and "please,"
To value health first for the greatest ease;
To paint my nails for the love of self,
And to read or discard the books on the shelf.
Above all,
My mother taught me how to learn,
And how to discern what it is that I learn,
And that to yearn to learn
Is to concern myself
With My Freedom
And earn it!

And by doing that,
My mother gave me the power to be my freest and best self. Thank you, Mummy! I love you! Happy Mother's Day!"

Barack Obama: "On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank Michelle for being such an incredible mom to our girls. And I hope you’ll take a moment to thank the women in your life who love you in that special way that mothers do: biological moms, adoptive moms, and foster moms; single moms, grandmoms and godmothers; aunts and mentors—all the people who come to mind when you think about Mother’s Day. Or take a moment, like I will, to remember the moms who raised and sustained us, and who we miss every day—no matter how long it’s been. All of these amazing people deserve our gratitude, today and every day."

Michelle Obama: "I hope you take today to let all the mother figures in your life know how much you love them. I know I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my mom. She's always been that guiding light in my life. Wishing her and all the moms out there a wonderful #MothersDay!"

Gwyneth Paltrow: "I love a good snuggle with you. Happy Mother’s Day"

Chris Pratt to Katherine Schwarzenegger: "Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet @katherineschwarzenegger This is your first year as a mom, your third year as a step mom, and 31st year as a hot momma. Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you!!"

Jeremy Renner: "Celebrating the gift of all Mothers everyday ... ESPECIALLY TODAY. It’s Mother Earth and Mother Nature for a reason #creation #mothersday"

Ryan Reynolds to Blake Lively: "It can’t be said enough… you’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares. I’m grateful for the light and for the kindness you smuggle into each and every second of our lives. I see you in the eyes of our children… Every laugh. Every blink and every thoughtful moment of vulnerability. The tender grit it takes to be a mother in 2021 is an act of pure strength and heroism. Never could I have predicted anonymous airport bathroom sex would lead to this. Or how you’d hire Dog The Bounty Hunter to find me. Either way, I’m lucky to reflect a little of the sunlight you shine on all of us. Happy Mother’s Day, my love."

Mark Ruffalo to Sunrise Coigney: "In the bustle of life we sometimes forget to properly acknowledge the full depth of our gratitude. Sunrise, thank you for being such a strong a fierce Mother for the Kids. The mornings, the breakfasts the lunches, the play dates and school stuff, and just all the ups and downs of raising kids, the wins and losses, the joys and tears. It’s everything. Thank you for always being there, especially when you have to do it alone. It’s not easy being a Mom. Happy Mother’s Day a great Mom. I love you."

Zoe Saldana: "I know one day they will be all grown and off to pursue whatever their hearts dream. So I want them to remember me this way, dancing with their father, and laughing at every silly thing they do or say. As I grow older and become more comfortable in my role as their mother, I’m beginning to realize that what they need most are these moments of joy and togetherness, of dance and laughter. They can figure out the rest for themselves, the world has a way of helping you raise them, and it provides the challenges. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women waking up every morning determined to win the hearts of their children, no matter the cost! And cheers to the husbands that celebrate them!"

Adam Sandler: "A wonderful day to this incredible lady too. Mom. Grandma. Great grandma. Loved by all who know her. Happy Mothers Day mamma!"

Yara Shahidi: "Happy Mama’s Day I CONTINUE to realize how just lucky I am to have a mama, mentor, best friend, business partner, and my favorite comedian AAALLL in one human: @chocolatemommyluv !"

Will Smith: "Happy Mommy’s Day, Mommy! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of the world. Oh... and Mom, I’m sorry about that time when I was a senior in high school and you caught me in the kitchen with my girlfriend. But, really you should’ve been asleep."

Martha Stewart: "Seven years ago on a warm Mother’s Day in may! Daughter Alexis and her two beauties Jude and Truman Hope all of you are enjoying some time with a mom!!! It looks like we planned our outfits for color but no it just happened that way!!!"

Ashley Tisdale: "This little lady made me a momma! I knew @cmfrench and I would have a cute baby but I wasn’t expecting how beautiful she would be To be a mom You don’t know how hard it is until you become one. Mothers you are truly goddesses and single moms you are my superheroes. The past 6 weeks have been such a blessing. Jupiter you are everything and more."

John Travolta: "Dearest Kelly, you brought into my life three of the most wonderful children I have ever known. Thank you. We love and miss you. Happy Mother’s Day."

Gabrielle Union: "My journey to motherhood was long, arduous and at many times extremely painful. Mother's Day will always be a challenging day to celebrate for me. I know I'm not alone in this feeling. For many reasons, so many of us have a rough time today and to these good people, I send all my love, light and compassion. To all the Moms, Stepmoms, Bonus Mom's, Folks who Mother those that need it, Grandma's, House Mothers, I celebrate you today and everyday. Be good to yourselves."

Kate Upton: "Being a mom is, and forever will be, my greatest accomplishment. I’m so proud to be your mom, Vivi.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!"

Jonathan Van Ness: "Sure do love my mama I’m so happy to be able to have this time w my mom, for her to meet my husband, our babies, for me to be able to impulse buy my mom gorgeous stunning bags  & make food together in my kitchen. These are all moments I would’ve considered impossible at earlier times in my life. The memories we’ve been able to share w you are so amazing mama & I love you!! Also, in the pic w two bandaids on my face, I broke up a cat fight and my face lost but those bags were too cute to not post. I know Mother’s Day can be a loaded day for lots of folks and in some ways it’s hard for my mom and I too bc all family relationships can have their challenges. But my mom is a cancer surviving literal open hearted hero who I just have to celebrate all up on this feed today. Happy Mother’s Day!"

Kerry Washington: "You are the epitome of strength and grace. Happy Mother’s Mom. I love you forever. I like you for always.  Thank you for leading me toward the best in me. Can’t wait to hug you soon!!!!!"

Samira Wiley: "Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife, who four weeks ago today after laboring for almost 3 days gave birth to our first child—our gorgeous daughter, George. Welcome to the world, babygirl. We love you and we thank you for giving us the best 1st Mother’s Day two ladies could ask for. George Elizabeth

Reese Witherspoon:  "Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom, Betty! The original Mama Bear who taught me to be fierce and loving. Kind and strong. I love that I can always count on her for a great laugh and the best mothering advice !"

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It was Mother's Day and, for the first time ever, Coldplay Day on Sunday's American Idol.

With the help of Coldplay's Chris Martin as their mentor, the Top 7 tried to put their spin on some of the rock band's hit records. Afterwards, Coldplay delivered a colorful performance of their new song "Higher Power."

For the contestants' second performances, they sang a song of their choosing dedicated to their mothers and other maternal figures in their lives.

As always, judges Katy PerryLionel Richie, and Luke Bryan were ready and waiting to deliver their all-star commentary and advice as America's votes flooded in and ultimately decided who would make it into the Top 5. Those who made it into Top 5 will get the honor of being mentored by multi-Grammy award winner and Billie Eilish's brother Finneas.

Here are the results after Sunday's episode:

Top 5
Casey Bishop: "Paradise" by Coldplay and "Ironic" by Alanis Morrissette 

Chayce Beckham: "Magic" by Coldplay and "Mama" by Chayce Beckham 

Willie Spence: "Yellow" by Coldplay and "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker

Caleb Kennedy: "Violet Hill" by Coldplay and "Mama Said" by Caleb Kennedy

Grace Kinstler: "Fix You" by Coldplay and "When We Were Young" by Adele

Hunter Metts: "Everglow" by Coldplay and "The River" by Hunter Metts

Arthur Gunn: "In My Place" by Coldplay and "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

American Idol returns Sunday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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Tawny Kitaen, the actress and model known for her appearances in a series of Whitesnake videos and for her co-starring role in the 1984 comedy Bachelor Party, died Friday morning at home in Newport Beach, California. She was 59.

The Orange County, California, coroner's office confirmed the news of Kitaen's passing, although her cause of death hasn't been revealed.

Kitaen appeared on the front cover of Ratt's 1983 self-titled EP and 1984 full-length debut album Out of the Cellar while she was dating Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby. She also was featured in the music video for the band's hit "Back for More."

Also in 1984, Kitaen co-starred in the hit comedy film Bachelor Party as Tom Hanks' bride-to-be.

Tawny is perhaps best-known for her appearance in the music video for Whitesnake's 1987 smash "Here I Go Again," which featured her displaying seductive and acrobatic dance moves atop a pair of luxury cars. Kitaen also appeared in subsequent Whitesnake videos for the songs "Still of the Night," "Is This Love" and "The Deeper the Love."

Tawny was married to Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale from 1989 to 1991.

As an actress, Kitaen appeared in a variety of movies and television shows. She also was featured in a few reality-TV series, among them The Surreal Life, Botched and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Kitaen battled substance abuse for a number of years, as was revealed on Celebrity Rehab. In 2006, she was arrested for cocaine possession and in 2009 she was charged for DUI.

She was married to pro baseball player Chuck Finley from 1997 to 2002; and the couple had two daughters together.

"We are heartbroken and saddened to announce the death of our mom," her daughters Wynter and Raine wrote in a statement on Kitaen's social media pages. "We just want to say thank you for all of you, her fans and her friends, for always showing her such support and love. You gave her life everyday. We miss her and love her and we know her legacy will live on forever."

In reaction to Kitaen's death, Coverdale posted a note on his Twitter feed that reads, "Just woke up to some very sad, unexpected news…my sincere condolences to her children, her family, friends & fans…"


A post shared by Tawny Kitaen

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Kate Walsh is currently hard at work helping to restore coral reefs across the globe, which may be why the actress had a double-take when ABC Audio reminded her that Mother's Day is this weekend.

"I forgot," Kate confessed, who is currently living in Australia. "Is it this weekend... Sunday? I was like, 'Oh. I've got to take care of mom.  Gotta send her some flowers.'"

The Grey's Anatomy alum, who has partnered with Sheba brand to work on the world's largest coral restoration project, says she won't be back home in the states until "after Father's Day."

And, because she is in the land Down Under, her plans for this weekend sound pretty awesome.

"I'll probably go to the beach, probably have a swim in the ocean. I do have to mention that there's a coral reef right in front of my house. Basically it's very healthy," grinned Kate. "I'll probably put on a little shorty wet suit and go do that."

In addition to some snorkeling by the reef nearby her home, the Umbrella Academy star held up her orange cat, Pablo, and smiled, "I will be probably spending time with this guy [too.] I mean... He's so cute." 

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Fast and the Furious star Jordana Brewster is looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with her two young sons, a holiday that is made all the more special because of her past struggle with infertility.

Jordana is the mom of seven-year-old Julian and four-year-old Rowan, whom she shares with husband Andrew Form.  She tells ABC Audio that her two boys were born via gestational surrogacy.

The 40-year-old actress understands why Mother's Day may be difficult for some people and advises those who will struggle this Sunday to "be gentle with yourself."

"Self care is really important and taking time is really important," offers Jordana, who recently partnered with Clearblue as part of their new #Conceivinghood campaign. "I think whatever self care means to you, if you can do that for yourself, when you know it's going to be a particularly hard day, to just be gentle with yourself."

As for how she will spend her time this weekend, the upcoming F9 star says, "I think we're just going to have a really fun and loud lunch."

Jordana says her parents and her sister, who is also the mom of two young boys, will gather under the same roof on Sunday, which she knows will "turn into chaos."

"And then my mom's like super grandma and she's corralling all of us," she says with a laugh. 

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