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Luke Bryan teases new track, "Mind of a Country Boy"


Mind of a Country Boy Tour is the name of Luke Bryan's upcoming tour, and we now know what it's named after — the title of an unreleased song.

Luke took to social media recently to share an acoustic teaser of "Mind of a Country Boy" and ask fans if he should drop it.

"What do y’all think? Should I release it before the tour? #MindOfACountryBoyTour," Luke captioned his Instagram video.

The track chronicles what's often on a true country boy's mind, which includes things related to fishing, corn, gas, drinking and love.

"Does she like old-school Alabama or 'Mamas Don't Let Your Babies'/ Is it farmer's market roses or a handful of dirt road daises?/ Oooh are them stars lined up just right/ Oooh for stealing me a kiss tonight/ That's what I was raised on, that's what stays on the mind of a country boy," Luke sings as he strums his acoustic guitar.

You can check out the full clip now on Luke's Instagram.

The Mind of a Country Boy Tour begins June 13 in Jacksonville, Florida, and will hit Grand Rapids, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Chicago and more before wrapping in Tampa on September 14. Rotating openers include Chayce Beckham, George Birge, Kameron Marlowe, Larry Fleet, Zach Top and HunterGirl.

Tickets and the full tour schedule are available now on Luke's website.

"Love You, Miss You, Mean It" is Luke's current single; it's in the top 30 of the country charts.

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Darius Rucker loved being honest in his memoir, even if his late mom would have objected to it


Darius Rucker always knew he'd get candid in his memoir one day. So when the time came to write Life's Too Short, he did exactly that.

"I always said that if I ever wrote the book, I was going to be [as] honest as I could be. And, you know, there's some stuff that's over the top. But, I just wanted to tell the story, and I wanted people to understand the hard stuff and the good stuff. All the stuff made me who I am today," Darius shares in a press interview.

While Darius waited until his three children were grown up to release a memoir, his honesty left him wondering if it was too honest for the family. 

"I was talking to them, I was like, 'One of the things that I'm worried about is like, I was so honest about it," Darius recalls, to which his son, Jack, responded, "Dad, who's going to be surprised? Rock stars party. That's not breaking news to anybody." Darius agreed.

When asked what his late mom, Carolyn  who graces the cover of his latest album, Carolyn's Boy — would have objected to in his book, Darius admits with a laugh, "A lot of it. Most of it."

"The talk about the party and stuff — she wouldn't have wanted that in there. The stuff with my brother — she wouldn't have wanted that in there. She would have questioned that," he says. "But I was going to be honest and vulnerable writing this, so I put it all in there."

Life's Too Short is available now wherever you get books.

Darius' new single is the Jennifer Nettles-assisted "Never Been Over," which is making its way up the country charts.

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Nashville notes: Dylan Scott's "Owe You One" + Niko Moon's song tease

Dylan Scott has shared that he's releasing a new song, "Owe You One," on June 21. You can hear a preview of it now on social platform X and presave it to enjoy the full track as soon as it drops.

"Good Time" singer Niko Moon has teased a summery unreleased tune, "These Are the Days." Check out a snippet of it now on Niko's X.

Ashley McBryde is introducing you to the fictional characters in the artwork of The Devil I Know via her Meet The Family collection. "It’s time to spill the tea. I can’t wait to tell you more about each version of myself and what makes me….me. The Meet The Family collection is out everywhere, and you’ll be hearing from each of these ladies over the next several weeks. Who are you most excited to meet?" Ashley shares on X.

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Get ready for all things Dolly at CMA Fest

Miller Mobley/NBC

Dolly Parton fans: you're in for a treat with all things Dolly at this year's CMA Fest.

The "9 to 5" star will kick things off June 6 with a special, in-person conversation with ET's Rachel Smith onstage at Fan Fair X in Nashville.

Unable to be in the audience? Fret not. The interview will livestream on TalkShopLive, the CMA Connect app, across the CMA Fest website, CMA Facebook page, and Dolly's website and Facebook page.

But wait, that's not all.

An exclusive Dolly! All Access pop-up experience will be held at Fan Fair X June 6-9, and it's going to be stacked with everything Dolly. Among the items and merch you can expect are a limited-edition vinyl of Rockstar, Dolly's books including Songteller: My Life In Lyrics and Behind The Seams: My Life In Rhinestones, Dolly Parton Funko Pop! Rocks collectibles and classic Dolly merchandise. 

Additionally, Dolly's sister Rachel Parton George, who co-authored the upcoming cookbook Good Lookin’ Cookin' with Dolly, will join the book's editor Maurice Miner to host daily cooking demonstrations of recipes from the sisters' collection. Fans will also get to meet Rachel after the demonstrations.

For more information and to get tickets to CMA Fest, visit

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Shania Twain on how she found forgiveness for her ex-husband following his affair

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

Shania Twain is opening up about how she found forgiveness for her ex-husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange.

Twain and Lange were married in 1993 and remained together until they split in 2008 following Lange's affair with Twain's close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Twain has been married to her former friend's then-husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, since 2011.

In a new interview on the May 29 episode of the Great Company with Jamie Laing podcast, Twain shared how she came to a place of not having any hate for Lange.

"We're talking about letting go and how difficult it can be to let go," she said. "Forgiveness is in the family of letting go. But forgiveness, more specifically for me anyway, is not really ... it's not about forgetting necessarily."

"It's about understanding the other person, and that might mean that they're, you know, wrong. Maybe you believe forever that whatever they did was wrong ...," she trailed off.

Twain then described how she found forgiveness for her late stepfather, Jerry Twain, whom she has accused of abusing her as a child, saying she has "totally" forgiven him.

Twain's stepfather and her mother, Sharon, both died in a car accident in 1987.

"I understand that he wasn't well, that you don't act certain ways, you know, unless there's something wrong with you, there's something wrong with your stability," she explained.

Shifting back to Lange's infidelity, the singer said, "Do I hate my ex-husband for making a mistake? No. It's his mistake. Not my mistake."

"[I'm] so sad for him that he made such a great mistake that he has to live with," she continued. "That's not my weight."

Twain and Lange are parents to their 22-year-old son, Eja.

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Lainey Wilson opens up about body image + more in new special

Michael Baker/ABC

Like any good country song, Lainey Wilson is wearing her heart on her sleeve.

The Baskin, Louisiana, native's meteoric rise to fame is the subject of a new ABC News Studios special, Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country, streaming now on Hulu.

Lainey, along with her family, sat down with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts for the special to discuss the ups and downs she's experienced as one of the brightest stars in country music in recent years.

During their chat, Roberts and Lainey discuss — among other things — Lainey's body image journey.

Though Lainey calls herself "a tough woman" who can "pull myself up by the bootstraps," she admits sometimes it's not easy.

"I have my days, just like everybody else, where you got to do whatever you can to crawl out of those dark holes," she said.

One of those tough days came in November 2022 when Lainey noticed "a few videos of my butt that had gone viral" on TikTok.

"I was like, 'Golly, it's still there.' It wasn't just like a small little viral moment," she recalled. "It was a big — no pun intended — moment."

Reflecting on how she brushed it off and found gratitude in people discovering her music, no matter the means, Lainey told Robin, "First of all, I'm like, 'How'd y'all just notice that I got a big ol' butt? It's been back there the whole time.'"

The singer said she reflected on how women like Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire would handle the situation.

"They'd laugh about it and they'd move on with it. That's just part of it," she noted. "And, of course, don't go down the rabbit hole of looking at comments ... I've learned my lesson with that."

You can read the full story now on Good Morning America's website. 

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Luke Combs' unreleased "Plant a Seed" might tug at your heartstrings


It's no secret that Luke Combs has become quite the sentimental and reflective dad since his sons, Tex and Beau, were born. 

He previously teased the fatherhood-inspired "The Man He Sees in Me" and "Remember Him That Way," and now he's sharing another unreleased song, "Plant a Seed."

"He said don't you blink/ Soak it up 'cause next thing/ You know you turn around and wonder where your whole life's gone/ Remember it's about the journey/ Don't fill your days with worry/ Sure them youngins drive you crazy but you'll miss them when they're grown," Luke sings in an acoustic guitar-driven verse.

"Oh, time ain't always your friend/ It starts slow and gets faster toward the end/ So fill up your heart with love/ Pass it on before they go/ And thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow," he continues in the life-inspired chorus.

No release date has been announced, but you can hear the full clip of "Plant a Seed" on Luke's Instagram.

Luke is currently on his Growing Up and Getting Old Tour, with upcoming stops in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Washington and more. 

For tickets and Luke's full tour schedule, visit his website.

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Kane + Marshmello drop fiery "Miles on It" video

Courtesy of RCA Records

Kane Brown and Marshmello have dropped a fiery music video for "Miles on It."

The high-energy visualizer follows Kane and Marshmello as they put some miles on a party, literally and figuratively. It's all fun and games until the cops arrive on the scene with stern looks. But instead of breaking up the party, they surprise everyone by joining in the bonfire, fireworks and truck-filled celebration.

"Miles on It" is the second time Kane and Marshmello have teamed on a song. Their first was 2019's "One Thing Right," which became a crossover chart-topper.

"Miles on It" is currently in the top 40 and making its way up the country charts.

For tickets to see Kane on his ongoing In The Air Tour, head to his website.

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Megan Moroney's 'Twisters' track, "Never Left Me," coming Friday

Disney/Randy Holmes

Megan Moroney's "Never Left Me" from Twisters: The Album is touching down on Friday.

The "I'm Not Pretty" singer shared the news with fans on her Instagram Story, alongside an audio clip of the track.

Fans were also treated to a teaser of "Never Left Me" earlier in May when Megan said she "wrote a song about the house she grew up in for the new twisters movie" in a separate TikTok video.

"Never Left Me" will be the third preview track of Twisters: The Album, the accompanying soundtrack to the Twisters movies — both arriving July 19. It follows Luke Combs' "Ain't No Love in Oklahoma" and Bailey Zimmerman's "Hell or High Water."

Megan's also gearing up to release her sophomore album, Am I Okay?, on July 12. You can preorder the project now at Megan's website.

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Luke Bryan says his latest single has "all the elements of a big hit song"

Courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

Thought "Love You, Miss You, Mean It" sounds like a big ol' classic Luke Bryan hit? Well, you're not the only one.

In a recent press interview, Luke recounted how he felt when he first heard his latest single, what others thought of it and what drove the country superstar to record the song.

"I'm not thinking about this when I'm ingesting the song. I'm just loving it for what it is. And then we go record and then everybody's like, 'Oh my God, this kind of sounds like vintage throwback Luke stuff.' And I'm like, 'Well, I don't realize that.' But then, it kind of does," Luke recalls of the recording process.

"I think that the title 'Love You, Miss You, Mean It' is so identifiable. And then the story with people, I mean, how many people have had the high school sweetheart that they broke up with and wound up living the story of getting back together and stuff like that," he shares. "I think the song just spoke to me on all those levels."

Not only does "Love You, Miss You, Mean It" relate to the everyday listener, it also personally resonates with Luke.

"[My wife] Caroline and I actually [did] the college sweethearts/break-up-and-get-back-together [thing], so the song just felt right," says Luke. "It felt good and it felt that way from the first listen I heard it. It just felt like it had all the elements of a big hit song. And then, you know, you [get] to go in and record it and the rest is history."

"Love You, Miss You, Mean It" is currently #28 and ascending the country charts.

For tickets to see Luke on his ongoing Mind of a Country Boy Tour, head to

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Nashville notes: Ashley McBryde's family + Lauren Alaina's "Boots" tease

Ashley McBryde is getting ready to introduce you to her family — the family members in her concept albums, that is. "It’s about time for y’all to meet the family…I can’t wait to take you on this journey," Ashley captioned her Instagram video, which featured a text chain with her family members.

Ahead of her upcoming Country's Cool Again Tour, Lainey Wilson recently chatted with Live Nation about performing onstage and her favorite fan memories. You can check the video out now on Live Nation's Instagram.

Lauren Alaina recently teased a snippet of an unreleased song, "Boots on the Ground," in its demonstration state. You can hear it now on Lauren's Instagram.

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Darius Rucker gets personal in new memoir, 'Life's Too Short'

Dey Street Books

Darius Rucker's getting personal in his new memoir, Life's Too Short.

Out Tuesday, the book chronicles Darius' music journey, personal life, frayed relationships with family members and more.

When asked which chapter was most meaningful to him, Darius told NBC's Today, "The Nanci Griffith chapter that I wrote about my mom when she was in a coma and when she died. Reading that back brought me to tears. That was very meaningful to me. That was most meaningful of all of them."

In a separate interview with People, Darius also shared how chronicling his frayed relationship with his late father became an unexpected therapeutic, tear-jerking moment.

“When I did write about it, I started thinking about, 'Wow, that really affected me a lot more than I thought it did.' Even when I did the audiobook, there were some times where I caught myself holding back tears. Reading those things that affected me so much, but I just pretended they didn’t," he told People.

"It was very therapeutic for me. It helped me. My therapist got a lot of work for me writing that book. It brought up a lot of stuff that I wanted to deal with. Because I hadn’t dealt with those traumas, I just let them go," said Darius. "And now I get to deal with them because I wrote that book, and I think about them."

Life's Too Short is available wherever you get books now.

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Brett Young wants to see you this fall

Mickey Bernal/Getty Images

Brett Young's headed out on his Fall Tour 2024.

The 16-date trek begins in Verona, New York, on September 6, and will hit New Orleans, Austin, New York, Atlanta and more before concluding in Durham, North Carolina, on October 26.

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. local time, after the presale on Wednesday at 10 a.m. local time.

For Brett's full tour schedule, including information on his upcoming Brett Young and Friends show at CMA Fest, head to

Brett's currently in the top 25 of the country charts with his latest single, "Dance With You."

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Parker McCollum shares gratitude for fan battling cancer: " It was my absolute pleasure to play for you"


Undergoing chemotherapy and attending a concert is no easy feat, and Parker McCollum knows that. That's why when a fan reached out to him on social platform X on behalf of her friend who has cancer, he responded.

"@ParkerMcCollum You left the 3 of us speechless with your kindness & words of encouragement for my friend Jill! The memories you’ve given us are priceless!" a fan told Parker, attaching a photo collage of their concert night, which featured Parker's set list and a sign that read "CHEMO ONE DAY, PARKER, COREY, AND GEORGE THE NEXT" with #KICKINGCANCERSASS.

Noticing the fan's strength and dedication to his music, Parker replied, "Going through chemo and still found the strength to come out to a show and stand all night front row in the pit. It was my absolute pleasure to play for you last night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. God Bless you!"

For tickets to Parker's ongoing Burn It Down Tour, visit his website.

On June 7, Parker will take Nashville's Nissan Stadium stage to perform at CMA Fest. The lineup includes Luke Bryan, Cody Johnson, Kelsea Ballerini and Jon Pardi. For tickets, head to

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"Where" is Bailey Zimmerman this week? At #1 on the charts

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Bailey Zimmerman has notched his fourth consecutive #1 with "Where It Ends."

Bailey celebrated his achievement on tour with fans and backstage with his crew, where he was presented with a cake featuring the words "Congratulations #1 'Where It Ends'" piped on it.

"This song has had a SPECIAL place in my heart since the day I wrote it w/ Joe London & Grant Averill and waking up this morning to it being my 4th #1 in a row honestly doesn’t feel real," Bailey captioned his Instagram carousel.

"After going through the breakup I went through I realized how many chances I had given her… SHE KEPT DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER… and honestly that hurt my pride ALOT… so I wrote this song for all of us that are tired of giving 4th, 5th, AND 6th chances," he continues. "SOMETIMES YA GOTTA SAY THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS."

"Thank you country radio for once again showing me so much love and support," Bailey adds, before thanking and expressing his love for his fans. 

"Where It Ends" is the fourth single off Bailey's debut record, Religiously. The Album., and was preceded by "Fall In Love," "Rock and a Hard Place" and "Religiously."

Bailey's currently on the road for his headlining Religiously. The Tour. and opening for Morgan Wallen on his One Night at a Time Tour. On June 9, he'll take the Nissan Stadium stage in Nashville for CMA Fest.

For tickets and a full list of dates, visit

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