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Texas country music star Zane Williams comes to Abilene Tx. May 18th at Homer's Bar and Music Venue in support of his latest album Bringin’ Country Back. More than a catchphrase, “Bringin’ Country Back” is a rallying cry for a return to authenticity and substance in mainstream country music, and a fitting title for his sixth studio album.

“I think of country music as poetry for the common man,” Zane says reflectively. “The stories that draw you in, the simple truth stated in a way you wish you could’ve said…there’s an honesty to country music that totally grabbed me the first time I heard it.”

Born right here Abilene, TX, to a pair of college professors, Zane was moved as a child first to Kentucky, then West Virginia, and then California as his parents pursued their academic careers. While he enjoyed singing harmony in church and composing his own instrumental pieces on the family piano, it wasn’t until he turned sixteen and got the car keys (and control of the radio inside) that he had his first transformative experience with country music.

“I’m flipping stations and I land on Bob Kingsley’s Country Countdown one Sunday morning after church, and I hear this guy Garth Brooks singing “The Dance.” I had just broken up with my first girlfriend, and that song wrecked me; it cut right through me like no song ever had.” Not long after, his parents bought him a used guitar as a reward for good test scores, and Zane began trying his hand at writing his own songs"

Zane will also be playing with Ankana Grace, Matt Austin, The Phantom Hill Band.    All Ages Show and $15.  You can get tickets early at this link!     https://www.homersabilene.com/events/zane-willams

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